"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world."


       -Louis Pasteur 

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Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School


Science Curriculum 


Seventh grade science students will learn in depth skills pertaining to the scientific method and disciplines in the scientific community like physics, biology, earth and space science, as well as technology and engineering.  Students will analyze a variety of sources from the past and present and engage in rigorous activities to cultivate their critical thinking skills. A variety of assessments such as projects, labs, and exams will be used throughout the year to measure each student's learning. My lessons will be aligned with the Massachusetts History and Social Sciences Curriculum Framework and Common Core Literacy in Science Standards.


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7th Grade Science Units

Unit 1: Discovering Matter

Unit 2: Earth In Space

Unit 3:  Ice Age

Unit 4: Cell Functions

Unit 5: Cell Division

Unit 6: Rocky Shores

Unit 7: Environmental Science

Unit 8: Mechanical Engineering

Unit 9: Communication Technology


About Me!

This is my second year at TAG and I am so proud to call Chestnut my home away from home. It's been a goal of mine for many years to work with Chestnut TAG students, and because of that, I am going to really appreciate our time together. 

Before Chestnut I worked in Springfield teaching K-5 science for 6 years. I earned a Masters in Education with Springfield College during this time and previously worked with the YMCA of Greater Springfield in the Teen Outreach Program and as Nature Specialist at a summer camp. 

We were asked to share our heritage so I will give you a few details about my own history! My  great grand parents on my dad's side were born in Poland (great grandmother) and Germany (great grandfather) and on my mother's side her great grand mother was from Sweden and her great grandfather was from Ireland. The people and cultures from all these areas are very complex due to gene pool epi-genetics and I would love to learn more about my specific DNA! I'm sure that will be a fun side topic this year. My first name Erik has Nordic origins and means "King", my last name Walther is Germanic in origin and is thought to have meant either "ruler of armies" or "one who unites people". I've never seen my self as a soldier, but I do love bringing people together and had a knack in high school for getting kids from different social groups to become friends. So perhaps I was just meant to be that way ! 

I absolutely love to garden and grow food, and am looking forward to helping the school garden this year. 

I also really enjoy quality movies and video games, particularly ones that take you on a journey that have really well written stories and beautifully designed worlds. I am a huge fan of the Marvel cinematic universe.  

I enjoy cooking and baking, the scientific aspects of it, as well as the free form ability to play around with recipes and see what happens. 

I also do really enjoy being active, being as healthy as possible, and am always down to join a game. Hockey is my absolute favorite of all sports and the Boston Bruins have a special place in my heart. 

I love learning and really look forward to everything my students can teach me because I look at us as a team of scientists helping each other and often times students teach more to their teachers than they know! 

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School Phone: 413-750-2333

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